Privacy Policy & Security


Your privacy is very important to us. We only use the data you submit to provide you with the best subscription services and to make using ClassiCal as user-friendly as possible.

We only store personal and non-personal data on SSL-secured web servers.


Disclosure to Third Parties

It is one of our company philosophies that we do not transfer your private information to any other third party in any commercial relationship.

To ensure all expected subscription services are provided, it may be necessary in some cases to involve a third party as a service provider (for example for newsletter processing). First, we need Apple and the App Store to transfer ClassiCal and any future update to your iOS device. For the subscription process, you need your Apple ID. As such, please refer to Apple’s Privacy Policy. You can access it really easily anywhere on the App Store and on any Apple website. If we transfer any single item of personal data to third parties for any services we provide to users of ClassiCal, the company involved must guarantee that it will handle all the data provided to it carefully. They are not permitted to make any copies or to transfer the data to another third party.

As a feature, ClassiCal lets you easily access some social-networking services directly from the app. Please note: if you post something you submit private information (for example your e-mail address) directly to a public social network. In this way some third parties can collect your data. Please take care when using this feature.


Non-Personal data

We are also able to collect some non-personal data while ClassiCal is used. This non-personal data is completely anonymous. In no event does it provide information on or allow access to any specific user. andante media HÖRARCHIV needs no extra permission for any kind of use of this non-personal data. We collect this non-personal data to gather helpful information about the daily use of ClassiCal. This will help us to find out which features are loved and specific areas where we need to improve ClassiCal.


Watermarking Technology

Please respect the copyrights and all the other rights of the artists and the publishers of the music files you enjoy. Please note that each audio file downloaded using ClassiCal is marked with a unique and personal watermark which is irremovable and inaudible. This technology allows us to track any audio file we transfer. During the transfer, personal data is combined with a unique number on the fly – after the transfer is completed we match the data and store the unique number. From this point on it is just an anonymous number in a database. In the event of unauthorized use for example by transferring one or more audio files to an illegal file-sharing platform, we can analyze the audio file. We match the data which allows us to establish who downloaded this specific audio file for the first time. This procedure is only initiated if abuse is suspected. We appreciate your understanding that we will pursue every single case of abuse.