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A warm welcome to you and many thanks for your interest in our ClassiCal Music Calendar app – if you’ve already installed it, we’d like to say a special thanks to you.

With our ClassiCal app it’s really easy to build your own classical-music library or expand your existing library through discovery. By the way, every day our app will show you composer anniversaries, with the Wikipedia article just a tap away – all directly from ClassiCal.

You can find the full app description below, including a helpful "Questions & Answers" which provides you with all the details, features, and important information about our ClassiCal app.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email – we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We hope our ClassiCal app will entertain you at its best!

One final word: we are committed to optimizing our app and adding useful features – we work constantly on doing so and it’s something we’d really appreciate your help and feedback in doing.

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We are opening up our music archive to you!

Get a daily surprise with a carefully selected piece of classical music and build your own library of high-class music.

From the center of European classical-music culture our ClassiCal Music Calendar team presents a hand-picked piece of music every day from the archive of the German music publisher "andante media", one of the largest independent rights owners.

Everyday you will be shown the dates of birth or death of classical music composers worth knowing, so you too can celebrate your favorites’ anniversaries. With our info button, the extensive information contained on Wikipedia is just a tap away.

365 days a year – 365 pearls of classical music for your personal library. Our fully integrated music player gives you instant access. Managing your ever-expanding library is a snap.



  • 7 days’ free access = 7 free pieces of classical music = our gift to you!
  • A new piece of music everyday
  • Full details about each piece: composers, conductors, orchestras, and solo artists
  • High-quality audio (256kb AAC format)
  • Established and honored orchestras, conductors, and soloists from Germany and other central European countries
  • All music pieces come from the established German music label "andante media HÖRARCHIV"
  • Daily calendar coverflow with birth and death dates covering 400 years of music history and over 400 composers from more than 25 countries
  • Direct access to Wikipedia articles on composers
  • Integrated music player (incl. shuffle, auto replay, skip and airplay)
  • Personal rating of the titles directly within the music player
  • VoiceOver fully supported, e.g. for visually handicapped persons
  • Library can be sorted by pieces, orchestras, conductors, artists, and composers
  • Including "Play or shuffle-all" and search function
  • Intuitive interface


After the first 7 days the ClassiCal Music Calendar app will remain fully functional. Of course the pieces from those days will still be available – even for download, if you haven’t already got them. The calendar will keep showing composer anniversaries and the piece of the day.

To continue adding the piece of the day to your personal classical-music library you need to subscribe. Subscription plans for 3 or 6 months or a full 365 days are available as an in-app purchase.

Our ClassiCal Music Calendar app will give you a special surprise everyday – for classical-music lovers, starters, keen explorers, and passionate collectors!


We hope our ClassiCal app will entertain you at its best!

YOUR andante media TEAM




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